About the founder

Joseph Granneman developed a passion and expertise in information security during his 20 years of experience as a CIO, CTO and CSO of hospitals and clinics in the Chicago region.  It was then when he began to notice the severe security flaws present in the healthcare technology that he was supposed to be implementing.  He just couldn’t stand by and watch patients risk identity theft or even bodily harm due to the inadquate security that he was discovering in applications and medical equipment.  

He became an active independent author and speaker in the health care information technology and information security fields publishing hundreds of articles for many different magazines and online publications.  He also became active in several  security standards groups, including those developing the early security frameworks for Health Information Exchanges in Illinois and information security standards for Meaningful Use certification of Electronic
Medical Records.  

In 2013, he founded the Cybersecurity company, illumination.io, with the sole mission of “shining the light on cybersecurity.”  It is a mission our founder instills into every employee, every audit, and every decision the company makes. Our passion is defending, detecting and preventing cyberattacks on your organization.  Put our passion to the test today and find out how different a cybersecurity consulting firm can be.

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