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Cybersecurity is a major concern for grade schools, colleges, and universities across the globe as more classrooms utilize technology for virtual classrooms, accessing educational resources, and more. Securing your educational environment is essential to ensure students and faculty can safely access learning and academic resources available online.

Schools are often targeted by cybercriminals because their systems hold a large amount of confidential information regarding students and faculty. They also provide an open culture to facilitate learning which often leads to unprotected technical infrastructure and weak security controls. Unmanaged student devices provide opportunities for attackers to gain a foothold in the educational environment. Student logins to cloud-based systems may use weak passwords while not supporting multifactor authentication resulting in account compromise. Schools may have access to many systems that could be used by an attacker to knock other sites offline through Denial-of-Service attacks.

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Common risks for educational institutions include:


  • Malware outbreaks
  • Data breach
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Outdated software vulnerabilities

With the ever-increasing threat of cybersecurity attacks, schools need to take preventive measures to prevent data loss, ransomware attacks, and data exploitation. These cybersecurity risks are present in any learning institution, regardless of size or location.

If you don’t already have some form of cybersecurity technical controls or procedures in place, now is the time to implement or update your cybersecurity program to safeguard your organization and protect personal data before an attack occurs.

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