Wireless Penetration Testing

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Is your wireless network secure?

The convenience and accessibility of ubiquitous wireless technology make it an essential tool for corporations today, but many take the potential risks for granted. Wireless networks broadcast your company’s information outside your physical environment, usually with just a password for protection. An attacker can gain direct access to your less protected internal network once they have recovered this password through radio-frequency attacks on your infrastructure or your employee’s laptops while they work at the local coffee shop.

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Why is a wireless penetration test necessary?

Wireless penetration testing can help organizations determine corrective actions to mitigate risks posed by wireless-enabled technologies. Wireless security has evolved significantly since the first 802.11b standards were published. Encryption methods have improved from WEP to WPA3 using multiple forms of authentication from preset keys to PKI certificates. Network designs have changed significantly, moving from shared networks to firewalls and eliminating peer-to-peer connectivity.

These rapidly evolving changes are occurring as businesses utilize wireless for new applications. Employee access using a company laptop has evolved to smart devices like medical devices, manufacturing systems, credit card readers, and inventory location trackers to name a few. Smart devices may not support stronger wireless network security which can lead to vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized access to your company’s data and systems.

A wireless penetration test will let you take proactive measures to guard against these types of attacks before they occur while enabling your business to deploy the latest wireless solutions.

Why illumination.io?

illumination.io is an established expert in wireless networking security including standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. We utilize the latest tools including multichannel Wi-Fi receivers that capture data on all wireless channels at once without frequency hopping. We also utilize software-defined radios for security testing of non-standard radio frequency systems. We can deploy passive security tools that silently capture wireless signals for analysis or utilize rogue wireless radios to simulate your network to capture client authentication sessions.

Conducting a wireless penetration test is essential to help you meet reduce risk, address compliance, and improve the overall performance of your network.

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