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Manufacturing organizations are increasingly harnessing innovative technologies to increase competitive advantage through digital transformation. The adoption of modern technologies also means an increase in cyber security vulnerabilities and the organizational attack surface. Machine-to-machine systems, mobile apps and cloud-based services are all part of today’s cutting-edge manufacturing industries that come with associated cybersecurity risks as malicious individuals target your intellectual property.  Industrial espionage is a real threat to your organization which can be targeted from anywhere in the world.

A ransomware attack can directly impact your company's ability to function, stopping production lines, engineering, and even accounting functions like payroll.  We have seen ransomware attacks paired with financial fraud, leaving the victim organization with direct financial losses while rebuilding their technology infrastructure. understands the technological needs within the manufacturing industry and can secure your company’s assets as they become more connected with external apps and technology. Our full array of services will ensure that your data stays protected, which will allow the technology in development to remain secure from malicious attacks and cybercriminals.

We also can provide guidance in achieving NIST SP 800-171R2 compliance or achieving CMMC certification, which is required to obtain government contracts.

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