Ransomware Simulation Testing

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Did you know in 2021 there were over 623.3 million ransomware attacks worldwide?

Ransomware has become one of the most common types of cyberattacks threatening businesses today. Ransomware actors target any industry but especially those with a critical dependency on technology. The overwhelming success of these attacks guarantees attacks in the future. Ransomware is devastating to your business operations and will cause significant financial losses. In 2021 for example, the average length of interruption after a ransomware attack for businesses was 20 days.

Why illumination.io?

illumination.io can provide invaluable insight into the potential risks of ransomware to your organization. Our experts can simulate an attack to evaluate your organization's technical capabilities to identify and defend against common ransomware tactics and techniques. illumination.io has assisted organizations, both big and small, develop ransomware resilience strategies and reduce the risks of these devastating attacks.

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