Social Engineering

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Is your corporation prepared for a social engineering attack?

Are you confident your staff could recognize an email Trojan or someone just snooping around your building? We provide social engineering vulnerability assessments to help you find out.

Why are social engineering assessments necessary?

Cybercriminals know that it is sometimes easier to hack the human than to hack the firewall. Social engineering uses manipulation techniques to trick their targets into making security mistakes or releasing sensitive information to gain control over your organization’s systems and networks. These social engineering attacks take advantage of the human element - your staff to obtain a foothold within your organization. Could someone posing as tech support gain access to your server room by simply walking into your building? Is your staff trained to recognize malicious email attachments?

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Social Engineering Testing Examples:


  • Social network disinformation campaigns
  • Brand or VIP Impersonation
  • Physical assessments of buildings, data centers, sensitive areas
  • Custom phishing campaigns
  • Impostor websites or DNS entries

Why can test your organization through social engineering assessments and provide insights to help you better secure your organization. provides physical assessments such as using tailored techniques designed to test your employees to gain access to your corporation’s building to take control of your network and servers, simulating a real attack.

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