Penetration Testing

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Do you know how vulnerable your organization is to cyberattacks?

Adversaries are constantly improving their tactics and tools. Gone are the days when attackers were disorganized and underfunded. Odds are that your organization is under attack even as you read this. You need to understand if your organization has invested enough in the right security tools. You need a penetration test that can simulate adversarial activity to identify potential risks in your technical infrastructure.

Why offers in-depth penetration testing services to help you fully understand the security posture of your network, web, or mobile application. We will work to exploit your organization’s systems to evaluate the effectiveness of existing security controls. We use red team tactics to simulate malicious actors and develop real-world mitigation strategies to improve your overall defensive posture.

Full Spectrum Capabilities for Simulated Attack and Penetration Testing can provide penetration testing services for a variety of networks and applications including external or Internet-facing networks, internal networks, Active Directory, web and mobile applications, and Office 365. We can provide custom scenario-based exercises to test specific systems or circumstances. We can also leverage research capabilities to emulate real-works attacks. Our final reports will demonstrate tactics used to gain access while providing recommendations for remediation.

Red Team Engagements

Our red team engagements can provide unique insight into your organization’s defensive capabilities. will use adversarial techniques, including custom exploits and C2, tools to simulate an attack against your environment while your security team actively defends the environment. Our consultants will provide briefings during the engagement to demonstrate tactics and discuss potential defensive measures. These types of engagements are ideal for existing security programs that want to improve their incident response and threat-hunting capabilities.

Our experts utilize broad experience in penetration testing of major operating systems, networks, and applications to simulate adversarial behavior to assess your organization’s network defenses and suggest real solutions.

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